ALDOC, 1-364aa, Human, E.coli

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ALDOC, also as known as fructose bisphosphate C, is a member of the class 1 fructose-biphosphate aldolase family. This protein is a ubiquitous enzyme that catalyzes the reversible aldol cleavage of fructose-bisphosphate and fructose 1-phospate to digydroxyacetone phosphate and either glyceral-dehyde-3-phosphate or glyceraldegyde, respectively. It is expressed specifically in the hippocampus and Purkinje cells of the brain. Recombinant human ALDOC was expressed in E.coli and purified by using conventional chromatography techniques.
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Catalog Number TP01133
Size 100 µg
Molecular Weight 39.4kDa (364aa), confirmed by MALDI-TOF
Purity > 95% by HPLC
Concentration 1mg/ml (determined by Bradford assay)
Formulation Liquid. In 20mM Tris-Hcl Buffer (pH 8.0) containing 20% glycerol, 2mM DTT, 0.1M NaCl
Other Names Fructose bisphosphate aldolase C , ALDC, ALDC, ALDO C, aldoc, ALDOC_HUMAN, Aldolase 3, Aldolase C Fructose bisphosphateBrain type aldolase, Brain-type aldolaseFructoaldolase C.
Storage Can be stored at +4°C short term (1-2 weeks). For long term storage, aliquot and store at -20°C or -70°C. Avoid repeated freezing and thawing cycles.
Postscript For research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

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